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cryptograffiti on Nostr: BC 3D auctioning now: https://scarce.city/auctions/bc-3-d-original-artwork This is my ...

BC 3D auctioning now: https://scarce.city/auctions/bc-3-d-original-artwork

This is my new original paying homage to the first ever Bitcoin art created by none other than Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi’s original bitcoin logo was released on January 8th, 2009 at 19:27:40 UTC in client version 0.1.0. The logo is actually six different icons which allow for scaling. The ICO file containing the icons can still be downloaded today (https://satoshi.nakamotoinstitute.org/code).
Satoshi’s thoughts on the artwork are unknown. Some speculate the yellow tones are a nod to the idea of bitcoin serving as digital gold. Others see it as simply keeping with the skeuomorphic design trend of the time. Regardless, the original logo must not have sat well with Satoshi as he offered an updated version just 13 months later.

To create BC 3D, I enlarged the most detailed of the six icons and color-matched each digital pixel with a fiat counterpart. BC 3D is composed of 1844 pieces of currency - some of which are painted with acrylic of varying opacities. All told, 20 different notes were used in the artwork:

- 27 Venezuela 100,000 Bolivar
- 22 Ghana 2 Cedis
- 19 Peru 100 Intis
- 34 Poland 50 Zlotych
- 30 Yugoslavia 500,000 Dinara
- 27 Thailand 70 Baht
- 22 India 10 Rupees
- 17 Vietnam 1000 Vietnam Dong
- 10 Samoa 20 Tala
- 34 Thailand 60 Baht
- 270 Ukraine 1 Hryvnia
- 12 Thailand 100 Baht
- 12 Angola 100 Kwanzas
- 9 Peru 500 Intis
- 38 Zimbabwe 100 Dollars
- 40 Cambodia 50 Riels
- 20 Yugoslavia 5 Milijardi Dinara
- 50 Thailand 100 Baht
- 10 Argentina 1000 peso
- 23 Argentina 1 peso

To mimic the shading and gradients of Satoshi's creation, I divided BC 3D into 5 layers of Optium acrylic - an anti-reflective coating used by museums around the world. The layered Optium gives a floating 3D effect echoing how Satoshi’s logo appears on screen.

The piece ships with Gyford Satin Clear Anodized aluminum standoff hanging hardware and a custom laser-etched and foam-lined wooden box for protection during transport.
BC 3D was a several months-long undertaking and I hope it reflects well on Satoshi’s low time preference creation of Bitcoin.

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