Why Nostr?

What is njump?

njump is a HTTP Nostr gateway that allows you to browse profiles, notes and relays; it is an easy way to preview a resource and then open it with your preferred client. The typical use of njump is to share a resource outside the Nostr world, where the nostr: schema is not (yet) working.

njump currently lives under yabu.me, you can reach it appending a Nostr NIP-19 entity (npub, nevent, naddr, etc) after the domain: yabu.me/<nip-19-entity>.

For example, here's a user profile, a note and a long blog post .

Try it now, jump to some Nostr content


There are several reasons to choose njump when sharing Nostr content outside of Nostr:

Clean, fast and solid

Pages by njump are extremely lightweight and fast to load because there isn't any client side javascript involved; they are minimalistic with the right attention to typography, focusing the content without unnecessary details. Furthermore they are cached, so when sharing a page you can expect the other part will load it without any glitch in a fraction of second: the perfect tool to onboard new users!

Good preview

njump renders everything on the server-side, so it is able to generate useful rich previews that work on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and other places.

When opening the URL directly in a browser, visitors will find referenced content like images, video and links to referenced Nostr events displayed in a simple but effective way. It shows the note parent, allowing the visitor to follow it up and it has custom CSS for printing or exporting to PDF.

Cooperative (jump-out)

njump is not interested capturing users at all, on the contrary it invites them to "jump" to the Nostr resource by picking from a list of web clients or with a nostr: prefix for native clients. It even remembers the most used one for each visitor and puts it on the top for fast clicking or tap.

NIP-89 support coming!

Search friendly (jump-in)

This is crucial: njump pages are static so search engines can index them, this means that njump can help others to discover great content on Nostr, jump in and join us! njump is the only nostr resource that has this explicit goal, if you care that a good note can be found online use njump to share it, this way you also help Nostr flourish.

Share NIP-05 profiles

Now you can share your own profile with a pretty NIP-05 inspired permalink: yabu.me/<nip-05> , for example: https://yabu.me/nvk.org or https://yabu.me/mike@mikedilger.com .

A profile shows the basic metadata infos, the used "outbox" relays and the last notes.

Share on Twitter and Telegram

Now you can quickly and effortlessly share Nostr notes on Twitter and Telegram, and maybe on many other "social platforms": just drop a link, and njump will render the note text using the preview image as a canvas, to maximize the sharing experience and utility.
On Telegram we have also the Instant View to access long content in-app!

Relays view

You can have a view of the last content posted to a relay using yabu.me/r/<relay-host> , for example: https://yabu.me/r/nostr.wine

Some basic infos ( NIP-11 ) are available; We hope operators will start to make them more personal and informative so users can have a way to evaluate if/when to join a relay.

Website widgets

You can embed notes, long form contents and profiles in a web page with a simple script:
<script src="https://yabu.me/embed/<nip-19-entity>" />

Inspector tool

You know, we are all programmers, including our moms, so for every njump page you can toggle the "Show more details" switch and inspect the full event JSON. Without installing other tools (like nak) this is probably the fastest way to access that.