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2024-03-29 22:03:24

BlueRaye on Nostr: Social Soil has been the core concept guiding the social design at Yellow Barn. ...

Social Soil has been the core concept guiding the social design at Yellow Barn.

Observing land stewardship in regenerative agriculture informed much of this concept: even the most barren, compacted, dessicated land could be remediated into fertile soil.

Regenerated soil is incredibly resilient.

Relationships are the same: the need for deep roots of trust, processes for composting emotions, mycelial networks to move resource, fair and reciprocal exchanges of attention.
Once established, they are able to withstand even the most brutal elements: Torrential storms of grief, wildfires of rage, gusty winds of change. Because we did the work to create layers and layers of healthy social soil.

And once that layer is built, the seeds of ideas, hopes and dreams can truly flourish into life.

Things like money become tools to move energy - the current-you-can-see of currency - and just as water in a garden, it can be mindfully allocated in the quantity, frequency, and location most needed at that time. It's always good to have your ponds to store water but once full, you don't need any more. It's better served downstream.

Take only what you need. This is the essence what Indigenous wisedom teaches us with the Honorable Harvest. And if our technology and money can match that Ethos...well, then we're creating a whole new game.

To be continued...

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